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Dead Like Me Novel – DLM Rebooted – 2013

Something new is inside the forum, a fan fiction novel, set in a rebooted Dead Like Me Universe that provides a few answers (and of course more questions) as to what happened after George walked away from Reggie in the cemetery.  I’ve posted all 88 chapters.

In the original series Kyle Lowerdeck died tragically on stage at his first live TV concert.  George was there to reap his soul.  Mason was also there and had a lasting impact on two people who walked away that night.  One was Fred Swirsky, who left obsessed with finding Death, and the other was Desiree, who was equally intent upon avoiding the Same.  Death never lost track of either.  In 2013 Mason reaps Fred and meets Desiree again thus setting in motion a sequence of events that motivates Reggie to pick up the trail of her undead sister, George.  But Reggie is not the only member of the living looking for George.  George will find that using her former name in the same city where she lived and died is sloppy, and when a Seattle detective under pressure to find a serial killer stumbles upon her frequent associations with those who soon end up dead, he can’t let go of her trail either.

Before I direct you to the specific thread, a few words of caution are in order.  One concerns the time lag.  And this does not concern the almost 10 year gap in story from the time the series ended in the grave yard with Reggie watching George walk away in the morning sun. I assume in writing out the story that the reader is familiar with the series.  Unless you have an extraordinary memory I recommend rewatching the DLM series on DVD’s. No mercy or quarter is shown on this.  If you don’t remember Fred and Desiree, then you should stop here and save your time and avoid frustration.  Who needs more stress?  If you remember them then please continue.

Also, over the years of reading forums one fact is clear and that is there is a wide interpretation for much of what happened in the series over those two seasons.  I have my own interpretations of what happened and of the rules within the DLM Universe, so you can expect that to be reflected here.  Also I continue, as best I can muster, the story telling style started by Fuller and continued by Godchaux and Masius, which is to leave behind at least two questions for each one answered.  So while I hope you find closure on certain questions left hanging in the last episodes be aware that those first two seasons were only the beginning.

The DLM Movie and its events are not part of the background for this novel, or least not directly.  I was and am surprised at how the Movie screwed up the key Fuller foundation theme or rule regarding memory and reapers attempting to communicate to the living they once knew.  After reading something in a forum about that I decided to attempt to write a scene in which George and Reggie get around that rule.  I found it surprisingly easy, which only deepens the original mystery as to how that got so screwed up in the Movie, but…  One thing led to another and I started considering what would have come before that scene and then after.  However, I soon ran into a problem.  And it was deeply embedded within the DLM rules from the series.  Those rules didn’t work outside those stories.  Not the memory rule, but much of the rest.  So I reworked those, which brings us to the second word of caution.  Now that the first word of caution has reduced those reading to purest few I warn those remaining that the DLM reimagined Universe you find here is not the one from the series.  I had to make radical (as in major, drastic, sweeping) changes.  The original characters are the same.  I’ve given backstory to several, all of them evolve, and they are set in motion within this very different Universe.

Now, the remaining few of you will find the story in the Forum under ‘Dead Like Me Talk’.  Click thru to the thread: ‘Dead Like Me Episode Notes and Discussion’ and then continue well into the thread to May 1st, 2014.  First chapter is titled ‘The Beginning at the End’.

Bryan Fuller Interview

Here are two links to an interview with Bryan Fuller in which he talks mostly about his current successful TV show ‘Hannibal’ but also ranges over several other topics including ‘Dead Like Me’.

He mentions that the Lass in Georgia Lass means ‘girl’.  Someone pointed out ages ago a forum that it might have been referring to ‘less’ as in George’s mother in Joy Lass.

‘Dead Like Me’ is ten years old this year.  Bryan mentions he ‘would love to reinvent that because you know, I left the show after the fourth episode so I would love to do the show as I originally saw it’.  This could be good – this could be bad.  While I can’t take issue with the original creation by Fuller, I recognize that Godchaux and Masius (and probably others, too) built on that creation a great show.  Where Fuller’s work gives way to those who came after we’ll probably never be able to unravel.  However, one aspect of the show taken as a whole that I thought marked it as something unusual and special on TV was its restraint on flashier aspects commonly seen and its focus on characters and their growth.  Given that these were supernatural characters that restraint was surprising.

Anyway, Fuller’s ‘Hannibal’ is something with his genius mark clearly on display with characters of depth and layering worth your time.

Here are the links to the interview:

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Dead Like Me with a twist – R.I.P.D.

OK, it’s not Dead Like Me, but if you got the basic idea that reapers walk around among the living showing two different appearances simultaneously then you’ll love the visual gag underpinning this DLM/Men in Black police buddy movie coming out later this summer.

R.I.P.D. Trailer Shows Ryan Reynolds And Jeff Bridges Chasing Down Lost Souls –

MGM aiming for IPO by year end

The hedge funds that control MGM plan an IPO by year end.  In anticipation they’ve reached agreement with Icahn to buy out his 25% at a modest premium over current private market prices for MGM equity, but at a price well below the asking price for the IPO.

See thread on MGM Financial Health inside.

MGM’s brief rest seems to be ending soon and a new chapter in their history about to begin.

‘Shades’ British Mini-Series from 1999 with Callum Blue

Callum Blue has a modest role (6th episode) in this 1999 6 episode mini-series about two ghosts who happen to die on the same day and meet.  They end up hanging out together helping work thru issues surrounding their deaths and families.  If you liked ‘Dead Like Me’ you’ll likely appreciate this very touching story.

Shades (TV mini-series 2000) – IMDb Shades: Stephen Tompkinson, Dervla Kirwan: Movies & TV

Full of Energy – 2XBryan Looking at Reboot of Star Trek

New Star Trek TV Series To Be Pitched By Bryan Singer & Bryan Fuller?

Unbalance in the Universe  - Already plenty of Star Trek stories out there.

Fuller created the DLM franchise.  I would like to see him divert just a small portion of his talent to finding a way to reboot his very own very original creation  ‘Dead Like Me’.  The people over at MGM are not the same as those he fell out with almost 10 years ago.  Everybody is a bit older and hopefully wiser, so get over the hurt feelings and move forward with something new in the DLM Universe.

New Daughter, Georgia, Born to Rebecca Gayheart


Rebecca Gayheart, Eric Dane welcome second child – 12/30/2011 | Entertainment News from

Fuller’s New Munsters NOT the Old

This is a link to a few details on the new Munsters:

BD Horror News – TV: Character Details and Plot for ‘The Munsters’ Pilot!

Fuller’s New Project ‘Hannibal’

‘Hannibal’ could make Dexter look like a boy scout.

NBC Buys Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal « Spinoff Online – TV, Film and Entertainment News Daily

Bryan Fuller Returns…Again

Bryan Fuller will be writing and executive producing (showrunner?) a new one hour drama series ‘Hannibal’.